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  • Dents

    Dent in car door being repaired

    Dents large or small can be unsightly or simply annoying. Affected panels may be compromised; so the sooner you get them repaired the less likely you are to suffer long term or permanent damage. Autospray (Darlington) can repair damaged panels and refinish them to look like new. Often with smaller dents repairs can prove more cost effective than replacement and wont compromise the integrity of the vehicle. A skim of filler is applied, sanded then the affected area prepared ready for paintwork.

    Paintless dent removal is a less expensive option available for very small or 'soft' dents often caused in car parks. Autospray (Darlington) can assess your vehicle and advise on this option.

    Dent in silver car
    Dent in bumper of blue car
    Dent in front panel of red car
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